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Here at A Fistful of Comics, we're all about convenience. We provide you with the opportunity to get your weekly comics delivered right to your door already bagged and boarded. Your new books, on your doorstep, already bagged and boarded- no muss, no fuss. And when we say new books, we mean ANY new books. Unlike some stores, we have no set order. This means there is no chance your favorite stories won't be in-stock or will sell out before you make it in to your local store. If you want something, just tell us and you will get it. A new order form goes out every month listing every book in Previews. In just a few clicks, you send it back to us and we get the ball rolling. 


Paying for your books is also convenient with the option to pay for your entire month's order Upfront (and at a higher discount!) or pay week-to-week. You can change your payment frequency every month. We run all of our transactions through PayPal, so you know your information will be secure.


Below you'll find a link to download the current order form. Once submitted, we'll send you a welcome packet containing all the specifics about our payment options, discount tiers, referral program, and shipping options. If you need to make any changes to your order, we can do that too. There is never a start up fee or minimum order- just you getting all the comics you want. Now how convenient is that?

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