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When Travis isn't dressing up like a pirate or teaching people how to fight with swords (really), he's selling comics. Some would say he owns too many t-shirts. He would counter that he has too many AWESOME t-shirts (but it's still too many).


He has a beard. It's all red and beard-like. Beards are sweet.


Current favorite books:


-Sex Criminals

-Ms. Marvel

-East of West



Our resident superhero. She can bring down a man twice her size, jump from the tops of buildings and walk away without a scratch, fly through the air on a single wire, and, occasionally, set herself on fire. She's also great with kids which, as Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, and RDJ have shown us, is a requirement of superhero-ness. In reality she has no powers but is merely a stunt woman and children's karate instructor, but hey, even Wonder Woman started somewhere.


Current favorite books:

-Darth Vader

-Alex & Ada

-Harley Quinn



He's quick, he's funny, he makes me lots of money... And I'd be willing to wager he has the best mutton chops you'll see all day (this is an old picture, the chops were still new). This gentle giant can bag a board faster than Superman can X-ray Lois' garter belt. Oh, and ladies, as our reluctant handy man I can vouch that he's good with his hands.


Current favorite books:

-Star Wars

-Rat Queens

-Moon Knight




This is Haly. See that beard on her face? She's always wanted that beard. Bask in the glory of that majestic beard.


Everything you need to know about Haly can probably be summed up the fact that, while watching the movie Jaws, she roots for the shark.


You will likly see her flittering about the convention floor handing out flyers and convincing you to buy protection for the art you just bought. She's pretty good at it, we don't recommend fighting it.


Current favorite books:

-I Hate Fairyland


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